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TURKECO Yeşil Bina Danışmanlığı referanslar - Greenox Residence
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The 3M production facility

TURKECO Yeşil Bina Danışmanlığı referanslar - 3M Üretim Tesisi

TURKECO Yeşil Bina Danışmanlığı referanslar -

TURKECO Yeşil Bina Danışmanlığı referanslar - 3M Üretim Tesisi

Project Details

Project Name: 3M Manufacturing, Dammam
ProjectOwner: Tek Yapı
Project Location: Dammam, Suudi Arabia
Closed Area: 8500 m2
Turkeco Services: LEED Certification Process / Energy and Thermal Modeling / Daylight Simulation /
Certificate Type: LEED NC v3, GOLD



Energy Savings


Water Savings


Resource Efficiency

Project Details

The 3M production facility is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. In the complex building consisting of offices and production areas, many green strategies were applied, and LEED GOLD certificate was awarded.

Due to Saudi Arabia’s climate and production loads, a number of strategies have been implemented to reduce the cooling energy in the building where the cooling loads are high. Air cooled chillers and VRF system, which provide cooling proper to each zone, are used in the building.

The roof of the building is selected as white and the roof heating is reduced. High performance glazing has been chosen and overheating of the spaces with shading elements has been prevented. Also, the energy costs are reduced by the automatic control of LED lighting systems.