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Turkcell İzmir Data Center

Turkcell Ankara Veri Merkezi

Project Details

Project Name: Turkcell Ankara Data Center
Project Owner: Turkcell
Project Location: Ankara
Indoor Area: 45200 m2
Turkeco Services: LEED Construction Certification Process
Certification Type: LEED NC – v3, GOLD



Energy Savings


Water Savings


Resource Efficiency

Project Details

Turkcell Ankara Data Center, which is under construction in Ankara Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone, has been designed in line with LEED criteria.

LEED Gold certification is aimed in the project where LEED design and construction requirements are fulfilled in consultation with Turkeco. With the implementation of the erosion sedimentation control plan and the waste management plan implemented in the field applications, environmental impacts are minimized. By selecting high-efficiency devices, the project is aimed at energy savings to a great extent. Water saving will be ensured through the selection of efficient water armatures and selection of local plants in the landscape and efficient irrigation system.

It is aimed to ensure the conservation of resources by ensuring the materials are provided in a responsible manner.