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Turkcell İzmir Data Center

Project Details

Project Name: Turkcell İzmir Data Center
Project Owner: Turkcell
Project Location: İzmir
Indoor Area: 17600 m2
Turkeco Services: LEED Construction Certification Process
Certification Type: LEED NC – v3, GOLD



Energy Savings


Water Savings


Resource Efficiency

Project Details

The Izmir Data Center, has the first and only Tier 3 certificates, which is the world standard for data centers, in the Aegean region, was designed and built in accordance with the LEED sustainability criteria.

It is also a candidate for Leed Gold. Turkeco has ensured that LEED construction loan requirements are fulfilled in the field. With the use of  low water consuming luminaires,  the selection of local plants in the landscape,  the use of rainwater and  efficient watering systems, it is aimed to save up to 40% in water consumption. By opting for efficient energy systems, it is aimed to reduce energy consumption to a great extent.

It is aimed to reduce transportation-related CO2, by alternative means of transportation to users. Low VOC-containing materials were used to provide healthy indoor environments for employees.