BREEAM Communities

BREEAM (Site / neighborhood certificate):
BREEAM Site / neighborhood certificate. The BREEAM methodology as an independent and third-party assessment and certification standard is based on European Union norms. BREEAM method of settlement evaluation involves the evaluation and certification of the design and plans of the site and larger scale regions. By integrating sustainable design into the master plan process, it enables the development, grading and certification of large-scale development plans in terms of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

At the earliest stage of the design process, issues and opportunities that affect sustainability are evaluated within the framework of this system, and local sustainability is implemented to local management, master plan professionals and business developers.

Our company, the only company licensed BREEAM Communities in Turkey since 2012, successfully carries out national and international projects.

LEED Neighborhood

The LEED Neighborhood certificate addresses neighborhood and campus projects. LEED approves as an independent party that it is responsible for the environment with its given location, design and construction for structures, and that it applies the principles of sustainable development. Quality of life is higher in the settlements planned by applying LEED certification criteria and natural life is protected.

The LEED ND Certification examines the project under three main categories:

Smart Location and Linkage

Evaluates how sustainable the project is in relation to its location and other sites. According to the economic focal points of the project, access to alternative means of transport, protection of agricultural lands, protection of wetlands, rainwater management are examined under this heading.

Neighborhood Pattern and Design

With the smart growth, it is aimed to establish a self-sufficient and sustainable economic, social and ecological environment. Urban design quality of the settlement, pedestrian friendly streets, cycling use, quality of life, diversity of social areas are evaluated under this heading.

Green Infrastructure and Buildings

It evaluates the green strategies applied to the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure within the settlement. Energy and water efficiency, renewable energy use, solar orientation, pollution prevention during construction, light pollution, waste management are evaluated under this category.

Innovation and Design Process

Developing innovative strategies that are not included in the LEED system and integrated design covering different stakeholders of the project are evaluated under this category.

Regional Priority

Improvements to the priority areas of the project, country, region and climate are rewarded with additional points within the LEED credit system.

Feasibility Studies

Green Buildings’ use of renewable technologies will reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Assessment of the situation before the technology investment decisions and offering of not only realistic and appropriate to the conditions in Turkey but also most appropriate recycling costs to the employer to deliver the best choice is a must. In almost all areas that require the use of funds and resources, it is necessary to evaluate all important matters related to the investment to be made in order to demonstrate the value of the investment to be of value and to what extent it will be profitable in the future when a job that will make a profit in the future. Preparing this report in the BREEAM system will earn points for the project even if no investment is made